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N. sanquinea

My Sanguinea is making a daring attempt for the flourescent lights above it and I'm wondering how tall is it going to get. (No one can blame me for not knowing its growing habits, I got in my order as a replacement) It's growing well and producing meaty pitchers but I may have to relocate it soon. Is it like Bicalcarata in that it grows all over the place? BTW: It's in a terrarium in lowland conditions (Perfect of Amps)
I'm not sure when it'll stop, you might just want to trim it back when it gets too tall, at least that's what I'm doing with mine (cuttings of it are supposed to root easily). It's actually an intermediate/highland species, but it's pretty adaptable. If you have to relocate it, with enough humidity, it can be a very good windowsill plant.
That's quite neat to have a Sanguinea in lowland conditions.

When will it stop? Never.
It will jsut grow and grow and grow until the main vine stops and a basal shoot grows to take over the operation. I woudl make a few cutting when it gets within 2-3 inches of the top.