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N. northiana

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HI Joachim!

The light levels are moderate, it's 4-5 inches (10-13cm) away from a fluorescent geowbulb that lights the entire tank. So light levels aren't that low but I say, it is a very nice easy growing plant! Very easy to grow and pitcher for me. Got it free too from Mike Catalani, it was a test shipment from Malesiana Tropicals and he had like 10 pots of free stuff and this N. northiana was one of them and he said hey, I have some freebies for you! I was quite intrigued to find this one in the box after the flight home!
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Lucky devil
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It's been a while since I picked up on this thread.

Ummm...  I'm probably not going to be popular for saying this, but Dustin, are you sure that plant is N. northiana?  Leaf shape doesn't look right to me, rather too broad, especially at the base.  Another couple of photos would be useful.  Perhaps it's just the growing conditions.

Jeff, your photo stuns me every time I look at it.  Just days before, I put a photo of a N. northiana pitcher on my home page of a 4" tall pitcher that I thought was quite good, but that pitcher of yours just blows me away.  Do you ever exhibit your plants?
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Thanks, I'm really glad that you like the photo! I've
written an article for CPN about this plant and my experiences
with it; the article should appear in either the March or June
issue this year. I wrote it over a year ago, but the lead time
to publication is quite long....

Rob, I don't exhibit my plants, but if you ever get over
to the US again, you're surely welcome to drop in!
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Rob, pretty sure it's northiana, the interior of the pitchers are just as splotched as Jeff's plant. If it helps it came from Malesiana Tropicals.
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Dustin, it looks like the same to me that i got from there but, the one you got is a tad bigger. leaf looks the same to me, sorry can't tell ya if the pitchers look somewhat the same cause it is still coming out of shock from when i got it but at least it is showing alot of improvment