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N. mirabilis collapse


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
For the last two months my N. mirabilis has been growing well and pitchering every tendril it can stick into something moist; water, another pot, moss. The older leaves have always had a tinge of red to them. Today I went downstairs to my grow rack and found the stem collapsed and a good half the leaves fully red. The plant had not been moved from it's current position in over four weeks, I water in place. I also have not changed out the lights there so it isn't a sudden change in lighting/temps. When I checked and misted last night a couple of the older pitchers were starting to dry out by they were weeks old, so not unexpected. Tomorrow when I have the energy I will unpot the plant and do a through root inspection.
mine is under strong lighting and has a nice pink tinge to the foliage. havent had it for very long but the leaves it came with were just plain green. guessing it was in low lighting before i got it.

wonder why itd turn red and so fast? might it have dried out a little too much between waterings?
I hope not as that would reflect badly on my care. When i can get back downstairs tomorrow I will unpot it and check the roots.
they seem fussy for lowlanders....i have a couple threads about mine on here:

what are your conditions?