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N. lowii x (ampullaria x mira)

Anyone else growing this one?


No but I like the pitcher shape and color!
The uppers have the potential to be spectacular on this one.
mmmmmmm dat peristome
mmmmmmm dat peristome

This Clone # 2, leans more towards ampullaria and is more colorful, the first one is more greenish and more mira-ish in peristome and body shape

i can see a little lowii in peristome of both, thats why i love hybrids
I've always wanted one of these. I would love to see lowii x amp someday. I'm sure EP has tried the cross (I'd think), but maybe the seeds weren't viable. Your plants are beautiful man, I had a great hour long trip through your flickr. I love your architecture work and other art endeavors as well. Keep it up!
Thanks again East to West :-D, I believe Geoff mentioned that he attempted lowii x amp a number of times and the seed wasn't viable unfortunately, so i guess this is the next best thing. I managed to dig up some old pics of what this cross looked like very early on. I only have pics of one of the clones, but they both looked almost identical at that stage. After about a year +, the differences became more pronounced and now they're completely different from the pics i took yesterday:



Interesting thing I observed about the clone that swings more towards N. Mira is that the wings dissappeared on the top and bottom as it's progressing towards uppers, usually the wings disappear on the top of the pitcher last




Wow that is a total trip of a plant.
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Nice cross ! Thanks for sharing all these picts guys :)