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N. izumiae giveaway (for postage)

Folks - my apologies but I need to cancel this offering.
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this plants like the town bicycle, everyone gets a turn (had to clean that one up for the kids :p)

great giveaway man!

I havent had anything to give away or donate as im starting out but very generous of you :)
nice give away but im not shore if i qualify so i will not enter
59 thanks for the oppurtunity !
By plus you mean it's just an added bonus? I haven't been in the hobby long enough to make cuttings, so I haven't been able to hold a giveaway. I haven't won a giveaway however, so if that is the only requirement, I will put in my number.

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Sorry - you're not eligible. You must meet all 3 of the requirements to be able to take part. I'll revise the original to try & make it more clear.

Sorry for the confusion. Thanks though! :)

Good luck to all of the contenders. :)
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aww.. well it was a nice opportunity while it lasted. Really love that izumiae.