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N. 'Gentle' coloration

So the other day I was shopping online for a few plants and a TC farm in Florida that I was buying from had a nep. called 'Gentle'. Only $5 for it so I said why not! The small plant they sent has only one tiny damaged pitcher that gives me very little indication of what it will look like. In doing some research on it, it seems the agreed upon parentage is maxima x fusca but the few pictures I find online vary greatly in pitcher coloration. The picture provided by this store had a very vibrant and streaked peristome but some of the pictures I see from others have a solid almost brown peristome. Is there more than one of these going around under the name 'Gentle' or do the pitchers have that much variation? If your growing this I would love to see a picture or two! Thanks!
I grow this plant. It's still really small although it's very vigorous. It's almost tripled in size over a 6 month period and pitchers prolifically. I bought mine from the same vendor and the photo that they have is pretty misleading. All the mature specimens that I've seen have a deep red/brown peristome. From what I've seen this seems to be a pretty good example: http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/5391/img82061pq.jpg
The growth rate is a plus!! I hope mine responds as well to it's new home. Yours looks great! It looks a lot more like what I have seen from a few google images. How much lighting do you give it out of curiosity?
Oh sorry for the confusion, thats not my plant. I got that off an image search. Mine is much smaller. I had it in a LL setup at first that sat in a west facing window and had a few T8 lamps as supplemental lighting. But now it's in an intermediate setup under a 4 bulb T5HO. It gets a good amount of light. I moved it pretty suddenly from it's old environment due to lack of space so it hasn't pitchered for me in about a month, but it's still been pumping out a leaf every two weeks or so. I'd say it probably does well in intermediate conditions. I'd think it wouldn't much like nights that drop below 60 but I'm not too sure about that. Anyway, good luck!
If it's the vendor I think it is, yeah, the picture they have is horribly inaccurate. They actually portray a young 'Miranda' pitcher instead. The plants, though, once they get past like 10 inches across, are easy to tell apart. And they do grow fast.
Well that's a bit upsetting but at least it's not a horribly ugly pitcher plant :p Does anyone know if it is a sterile clone like some Mirandas or not? I also read that going both ways online.
I don't know if this will help or not but if you got it from a Florida vendor you likely got it the same place I did.
It took awhile to adjust but it's pitchering well finally.
It's an easy grower and should do well in an intermediate setup.
I can take a better pic later today if you wish it's a small plant still but this is what it currently looks like.
Yeah thats about exactly the size of mine. Here it was a month or two ago:


By the way, this plant ^^^ is up for trade if it is of interest to anyone reading this. Cheers!
I describe this plant as having alata,ventricosa style leaves with Miranda style pitcher