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N. eymae x ephippiata


In celebration of my 3000th post on Terraforums I am giving away a special plant of mine. It is a seed-grown N. eymae x ephippiata purchased from Tony Paroubek in 2011. I'll be honest; this plant has never been my favorite, but by now I have owned it so long and done so much with it that I have formed a little bond with it. It is a good plant. It likes to have high humidity and it certainly needs highland temperatures. This plant will pout and not do much if it doesn't get those things. So please don't involve yourself in this giveaway if you cannot provide those conditions for it.

In order to win this plant you must be the first person to correctly guess the number of times that this plant has traveled through the U.S./Canadian border without proper permits or documentation. You cannot guess more than once. Ironically this plant is available only to U.S. growers please and I will pay shipping.

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I will guess 2 times, once going in and once coming out of Canada.
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Congratulations Samolo. Please PM your shipping information to me.
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nice offer most generous of you
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Could it be the fact that Canada and the US have a plant trade agreement?? Now I'm not saying you don't need anything to ship between the two but I believe its a little less stringent. I do think phytos are still supposed to be obtained.