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N. Burkei x Hamata

Well a new pitcher opened up from a leaf that has been grown under my care. A few photos of the plant are below and im just happy its doing well under my care. The lid had popped open about 1 minute before the pictures were taken. The peristome will darken up a good amount seeing the pitcher that had come with the plant when it arrived.


Shows the difference in the size of the leaves


Another to see the difference in size of leaves


Not too large haha


Wicked toothy peristome at a young age in my opinion
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I'll be interested to see how this cross ages. Keep us updated.
I too was rather impressed with the size of the teeth for the age. Mine isn't doing much right now (battling mites that took over that one pot, they're almost gone), but the first pitchers it produced were incredibly toothy. It seems to be a rather easy hybrid in typical highland conditions too.
I have to agree hcarlton it does seem to be an easy hybrid. It wasnt growing much for the first few weeks but after it began it seems to be putting out a new leaf every week and a half to two weeks. Unsure if that's really quick because i havnt grown any nepenthes this small before. Sorry to hear about the mite problem though and hopefully it begins to take off for you as well!
A new leaf every other week is incredibly fast for a nep. And the mite problem is just about over (neem oil does wonderful things to that end), mine is taking off again too. Hopefully pics to come in a couple weeks...
Mine has really put on some serious growth, maybe not a leaf every two weeks but at least one a month. The bigger and bigger pitchers are starting to look more unique as they come on. It seems to do very well for me as an intermediate plant.
I agree, my little guys are growing more as an intermediate and high humidity daily.The cool air humidifier is pointed at them from about a foot and a half away