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Mystery pygmy dews


I am a CPaholic...
I got these pygmy dews from a TF member last year and neither he or I know what they are. I am not versed in tropical sundews as I don't grow them on purpose, rescued these when they were infested with bugs and needed to be isolated from the growers other plants. They miraculously beat the odds and survived in my care, go figure. Anyway, I was hoping someone might be able to ID at least the first one with a flower pic of it. The others I have not been able to catch an open flower to photograph, but will post them anyway just in case someone might be able to shed some light on what they might be.

Mystery dew and its flower

I know ID is difficult without seeing the flower
I think the third picture is pygmaea "Green."
First one is probably D. nitidula or hybrid of (characteristic red styles).

Second is probably D. pulchella or hybrid of.
Thanks guys! Gave me names to look up for pic comparisons and it seems you all nailed it.
Drosera allantostigma