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My small Utricularia nelumbifolia in a bromeliad

small Utricularia nelumbifolia in a bromeliad

Not to long ago I recieved a generous portion of this amazing species, so I took a small division without any growth, and tucked it into my neo kautskyi. Im amazed at how it has decided to grow bladders inside the axil. I didnt want to disturb the plant so I wasn't able to get direct pictures of the bladders. Its still a baby tho, ill keep this thread updated on its growth. Now I just need rotifers to feed it.


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Nice photos. Some microorganisms might already be growing in there. How big are the bladders?
theyre small! some are still developing as well. This species doesnt make big traps like humboldtii unfortunately. I still like it tho.
This is super cool. What a fun idea. I like that you're putting that bromeliad urn to work!
thanks Tacks! This idea is really getting me into other more interesting ideas, im starting to look into other bromeliads (each urn is different) and i might see what kind of urns work better. but thats in the future once I can get this utric to shoot stolons
Way cool! What an inspiring idea. May have to try some bladders in some more unconventional spots. Thanks for sharing and food for thought!
very cool! i love the tropical utrics that use the broms water wells as a home it makes it look so natural!
hey there, thanks! yea epiphytic brom utrics are my favorite. Its very ingenious of them to find food there.