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My pics

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Just a heads up, for over 10 years i have stored my online images and files on geocities then when they shut down I used godaddy.

Sometime in the next few months I am going to close my godaddy account. At that point all my online files and images will likely vanish.
I have resisted doing this for years but cost has just gotten too much.

This will include my webpages etc.

For now I will keep ownership of my domain name and maybe at some point transfer everything over to my home NAS, but no immediate plans.
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. . . :blue: That is sad.

Times really have changed haven't they. . .
Butch, I had long thought that you had crossed some union big wigs, and had been added to a turnpike near Hoboken . . .

Wow, pulling the plug on everything? Don't say it's true . . .
Seems like a common thing to happen. I guess photo hosting isn't cheap and all these older services fall by the wayside, taking out all our old photos too.
Yeah, it's unfortunate. I've been getting back into the hobby and prousing older sites/threads and I notice a lot of removed or broken picture links.
Just stream the plants on twitch 10mins a day. Who doesn't want to see VFTs chompin' on some spideys livestreamed instead of photos anyway :p
i have a home and office NAS and the domain name, but would need a DDNS service to link it to...
and then recreate the same folder structure on the NAS so the links would still work
Not really my field of expertise though and sounds like a pita but it is an option i guess.

godaddy has gotten to be over 100$ a year just for hosting,
I miss geocities, and refuse to use facebook LOL

(showing my age)

David, under section 107 at the old Giants stadium.... I shared a spot with Hoffa :suspect:
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Is storing anything on google drive (or similar) a viable alternative? Apparently you can even publish static websites on google drive (without a domain name). Google sites may also be free for personal use.
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Possibly, but without the domain name and folder structure all the links (15 yrs worth) will be broken I think.

Editing all the threads, posting and links used by others (cpphotofinder) is just not feasible. Most of my stuff is common knowledge now and maybe obsolete but it still has value I think.

A white knight with server space has contacted me and is seeing if they can help.
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'Best wishes for a solution to you! We post our photos and info assuming it will last a long time but the internet is much less permanent than we thought. It is all like a book that erases portions of itself suddenly.
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Well godaddy does not make things exactly straightforward.... a couple hurdles you have to take care of that are left out of their instructions.

A big thank you to the white knight, the move seems functional.
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[MENTION=6193]Av8tor1[/MENTION] I'm glad to help save that site of great information and photos!

OHHH!!! When I was saying I thought you were missing something I didn't realize the growing sphagnum moss was the main page of your site. I'm used to looking at mainly this page http://bluegrasscarnivores.com/helipage/ Now that you've got it all restored maybe you can edit in some links on each of the pages that will lead to other parts of the site. You've earned a break though ;) Good work!