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My other plants (photo heavy)

"Hoya" - which I think is mismarked, I think it's more likely a pothos judging by leave shape and texture (not rubbery like a Hoya)

Pothos "Marble Queen" cutting. My dumb dog knocked it off a shelf and tore up the rest of it. This is what survived.

Zebra plant

Variegated Hosta (full sun really ruined the variegated part - needs more soil, but I'm bringing in the rest from outside next month to plant with it in a bigger pot)

More Hostas

Swedish Ivy - was growing in my front yard and the landscapers tore it up with a backhoe, I salvaged this.

Mixture of Marigolds - guess i have two types, just your regular 50 cent packet of seeds variety lol


Cutting of Weigela "wine and roses" - parent plant resides in my front yard and is flowering

I also have some Asiatic lilies and a few other bulbs but my neighborhood kids ruined them this year (stepped all over them, in my bricked off garden, ugh) so just going to pull the bulbs on them and save them for next year.

For next year:
Asiatic Lily "Cancun"
Cerinthe "Blue Shrimp Pride of Gibraltar"
Wow!! beautiful wine and roses weigela...
The marigolds are beautiful!
Very nice collection!