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My new set-up

It has been a very very long time since my last thread,

I am still into carnivores (of course) and I always look at the forums although with no time to answer, but I am here! :)

These are all the plants I have now and am very happy with them:



I made this terrarium 3 days ago and I am looking to fill the river of dead sphagnum with a mix and tons of terrestrial utricularia:



My CP altar :) :

i dig the alter haha very cool :D
great plants, and nice idea for the altar! looks like a wonderful ramispina (one of my favorites) tucked in there
Yup thanks for the comments!

Ramispina is also one of my favorites. If I were to take it out of there it will probably start growing faster but I think I will wait one more year before taking it out. The sanguinea on the left definitely wants to be out of there but can't take it out at the moment.