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My new ping

I bought a new Pinguicula today from a local nursey in Berkeley. It's my third Mexican ping. Hopefully I don't kill this one....
Pinguicula moctezumae



Here's where it was being grown before I purchased it:

On a related note, does anyone know what the leaves they make during dormancy look like? Do they look like the leaves on the plant in the middle of this photograph?
P. moctezumae is one of the species that will grow year round, it doesn't go dormant.
nice ping!! I love the second pic! it almost looks like a sundew having the dew visible and the flies
Thanks for the info hcarlton. Hopefully it'll be easier to grow then.
Salgadoxx8, my housemate thought it was a sundew when I brought it into the house yesterday. I think most of the flies are gnats, though. They just look bigger because I took the picture pretty close to the plant. I was kind of surprised by how small the plant was when I saw it in person. It's only a few inches high.