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My new 55 gallon highlander terrarium

So just setup an empty 55 gallon aquarium to use as a highland terrarium,temps are nice without any added cooling.75-80 F day temps,and 60-65 F night temps,which from what Ive read as long as Im not trying ultra highlanders those temps are almost perfect.I plan on adding more plants and more decorative backgrounds,rocks,etc.So I will post new pics as progress goes along.Just been busy with my reptiles breeding and laying eggs recently so plans to do things for plants is fit in when I can.Anyways any questions,or advice is welcome so ask away or tell me what I might be doing wrong or right,Thanks.

Link to pics of terrarium and the few plants in it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/dweezy247/8515595251/in/photostream/