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My Nepenthese x Ventrata Only Growing Nubs

So this is my Nepenthes that has only been growing nubs. It's in the exact same conditions as my other 2 that have each grown 2 new leaves in the time this one has only grown 2-3 nubs that don't do anything. As you can see it has 2 healthy pitchers and is developing a basil shoot.
I'm not sure why it is growing like this, any help would be appreciated


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Should post this in the Nepenthes section...
A photo is going to provide a lot more info that might be necessary, leaves not growing out properly but the pitchers doing fine is not a condition I can think of having seen or heard about before.
It'll be hard to diagnose without a photo but it might be a pest issue if the new growth on just one of the plants is coming in warped
Could be a pest but it looks clean and more like physical damage to me. Could have had its growth interrupted by cold or transplant shock. Once it grows a little more it should leaf out more fully. How long have you had it?