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My grow box / setup. Need tips / advice and I have some questions

So I used to grow other plants, however, I wish not to discuss that.

I have hand made a pretty awesome grow box.

There are three fans pulling air into the box located at the bottom and three fans located at the top pushing the air out.



The inside is coated in mylar.


For lighting, I'm using a 250 watt HPS (high pressure sodium) light that is pretty strong.

Plants I'm currently growing:

1) Dorsera Spatulata
2) Drosera Aleceia
3) Pitcher plant Spatulata x Fusca
(Sorry if spelling is atrocious)


My questions:
-Is the 250 watt HPS light too intense? Should I be using a MH light instead?
-Every time I try to transplant my babies, they end up dying. Yes I use low nutrient base medium. I've tried with 50% peatmoss and 50% perlite. Does anybody know any VIDEO'S that can walk me through step by step transplanting with a good growing medium?
-I live in Portland, Oregon and it's pretty cold here this time of year (40 ~ 55 roughly). In my grow box the temperature is ~71 (so my untrustworthy thermometer says). But the humidity is a measly ~50% (which I understand is quite low). Any way to increase the room humidity levels without buying a humidifier? I sleep in this location, lol.

I'm a new member here, so I'm looking forward to being an active member. Trying to break away from the roots (pun intended) where I started growing and moving onto different plants. :nono:

Thoughts? Tips? Concerns?

If anybody has interest, I'll take pictures of my plants tomorrow morning (with a better camera, sorry).
well, I am fairly new to the hobby as well. But I would change the 250wtt HID for a good compact twist for the box. Eliminate the 3 fans on the bottom and allow the top 3 to pull the air ( using both top and bottom fans is redundant use of power). Add a water tray to the bottom for humidity.
just my 2cents
I never recommend MH for growing either kind of plants.
T5HO's seem to be the artificial light of choice for CP's. HPS for the other plants..

The backyard grow box is something I started out with as well. But it didn't last..
The high humidity and high moisture these plants desire is too much to try and contain in a wooden grow space.
Invest in a grow tent, humidifier, and some T5HO's.. and you'll be able to grow with the best of us.

Or.. if you plan on keeping the collection small, just set up a terrarium/aquarium/grow tank.
I have a covered tank sitting in front of a south facing window full of happy plants. I just use a couple T12's to add some extended light hours without jacking the heat up in the tank. Piece of plexiglass over the top of the tank for keeping the humidity up, and wahlah! This method works well for most sundews, lowland-intermediate neps, pings, and cephs.