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My first pitcher from S. x Adrian Slack x Judith Hindle

It came with no pitchers so I was a bit :(

I really like the contrast between the red and white when mature but and super happy about what it looks like so far

The first pitcher woot woot

What it'll look like later
That second pic is not what it will look like. I recall Mike mentioning that yours is a seed-grown plant, and every one looks different. The second pic you posted is his select clone that he is planning on naming as a cultivar, and is a very, very unique and special plant out of the batch. Yours is quite nice, but you can't say it's going to look exactly like the one you want it to.
thanks for the explanation. That's what i thought too but just didn't know the reasoning behind my suspicion.

well.... I guess i'll have to wait and find out what i'll turn out
It's certainly already a nice plant, and took a lot after the AS parent, so at full size I don't doubt it will be a stunning plant though.