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My first nep flower in the making

Much to my astonishment my Maxima "poi dog" has decided to flower. :banana2:

I just got it this spring as an unrooted cutting, and it's flowering already. I guess it likes my grow rack.
congrats on the beautiful mature baby boy.
It's a puzzle to me though. It has never even inflated it's first pitcher yet (although a couple are getting ready), and here is this flower already. :scratch:
could be because the plant is channeling all of it's energy into producing that flower. Unless you care about sharing the pollen, clip the stalk and the plant can redirect that energy into growing and pitchering.
Tip cuttings bloom for me all the time. Might be more common in those situations as stress can induce flowering it appears.
I wondered about clipping it off. I don't have anything to pollinate, so will probably clip it off before long. I would rather have leaves and pitchers than pollen I can't use.
Very nice! I had my first two nep flowers this summer.