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My first Heliamphoras!

So I just got my first Heliamphora plants. I am very excited. Currently they are growing with my other plants under flourescent lights, but I will be building a more specialized growing area for them with LED lights and ebb and flow watering.

image1 by Michael Waltz, on Flickr

image2 by Michael Waltz, on Flickr

image3 by Michael Waltz, on Flickr
Congrats, man.
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Looking great! I got the same H. minor and H. heterodoxa last year.
So far the plants look like they are settling in except for one of the hybrids which has lost all rigidity. I am not writing it off yet, but it isn't looking good right now.
My plants are now in an ebb and flow setup although I still need to get it on a timer. I currently plug it in a couple times a day. Lighting is currently with 100 6400k LED modules.

I currently see new growth on at least half of the plants. So far so good!
It took my H. minor a LONG time to start growing again, though the H. heterodoxa recovered pretty quickly. Be patient, they'll pull through!

I grew my plants under 6400k T5's originally, and they're under 4000k LEDs now. It doesn't seem to matter much.
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Thanks for the input! I think these are some of the most beautiful plants out there. I am so happy to have some.
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I would snip off all the dead plant matter. You don't want a fungal infection kicking in. Also IMO that does look like a newly forming leaf inside the last one. It looks like your plants suffered some dehydration. Did you use the "zip lock baggy method" to acclimate them to lower humidity? Regardless it looks pretty beat up but looks like it'll make it.
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Ngantnier, they had a hard trip to me. From Germany to a local friend as part of a group order. Sadly I was out of town when they arrived, so it was close to another week before I could plant them.

I will take your advise and trim the brown off. Thanks!
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Be careful when trimming Helis, the pitchers are very fragile and easy to break.
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Thanks. I was careful. Everything is now trimmed up. The trim lets the new growth show nicely.

Of the six plants that I have, all but two have visible active growth. The other two are both green, so I am confident that they are alive, I just haven't gotten to see the new growth yet.
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Congrats for your new helis :) They are very nice !

Good growing :)