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My first heli flower

Following the teachings of the great jedi master,Butchie, I am now enjoying my first heli flower, or rather my first two. :boogie:



These will make for some interesting crosses.
Woohoo, congrats my young apprentice ;-P
Very nice work!

reminds me of this pic:

(not a flower in pic, but the mad scientist/dr. frankenstein heli grower analogy seems appropriate)

hehehehe, felt slap to back of head


it will make for some interesting crosses, nice breeding stock jen
if everyone knew the real padawan jen like I do:

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Funny, I've also got my first Heliamphora flower poking up as we speak.
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Congratulations! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
Way to go Jen......well done.
Funny, I've also got my first Heliamphora flower poking up as we speak.

You folks may not believe it, but so do I.. First I've ever seen in person even.
Beautiful plants!
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There are a total of 7 flower stalks on this heli, and a possible 8th. The first 3 have emerged from their sheaths.



I do enjoy the red veining on this clone prior to the pitcher turning red:-D
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Very nice! What heliamphora is that? uncinata? exappendiculata?
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Thanks, it is H. exappendiculata (Amuri tepui) from Wistuba.
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Congratulations! I love the deep red color on the pitchers.