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My first ever terrarium build!

Hi all. I'm brand new here, and yesterday I started the build on my first ever terrarium. Since I only had one pair of hands, it was a little difficult to put the whole thing together last night, so I just finished with the last panel a couple of minutes ago. I'm only planning on growing some moss, and want to create an almost Zen Garden-ish kind of landscape in my tank. I may however change my mind later on and introduce some other plants. I'm not sure if it is really neccessary, but I am going to include a fan to pull fresh air into the tank every so often, and also to keep fogging of the glass at bay.

Here then is my first picture of the tank I have just completed (it is 250 litres):


I came across a fairly large patch of moss the other day, and today I collected some and brought it home. I wet it and this is what it looks like - is this Spagnum moss?

I doubt it, looks like some of the weed species that I get occasionally. Sphagnum has very particular needs for growing well, you're not likely to just find it on a walk.
That's not sphagnum moss, I hate to say. Those sorts of mosses are pretty but usually they are found in an epiphytic situation, I think.
Well then. I finished my tank, and all that goes with it. Finished my planting today. Time will tell if the moss will grow. :)

If you actually plan on putting carnivores in there, take the moss out now. Most mosses other than sphagnum will either choke out or poison carnivores, there's a reason you don't see them growing with other species of moss very often in the wild.
That is going to look nice once the moss settles in!
That looks great! I love building my own terrariums, and I think this one came out really well! Did you cut the glass yourself?
That looks great! I love building my own terrariums, and I think this one came out really well! Did you cut the glass yourself?

Thanks so much! I had the glass cut to size at a local glas supplier. And the lid is polycarbonate plastic which I ordered and collected. :)
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Nice work. i have a video or two on my YouTube site
uphwizz is the address showing me build my last terrarium .
Mine are on their sides with a lip to hold back water. and sliding doors.
Your tank looks fantastic post a few more pick in a month so we see the progress.