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My Dichotoma Giant spins webs?

In the morning times and occasionally in the afternoon, I notice that one of my Binata has strings of almost a spiderlike ebbing across some of the leaves. I thought at first that a spider was doing it, however, I have never seen any apider to go with the web. It would have to be a small apider and a small spider couldn't walk on my Binata without getting stuck. Is the plant doing it? I've noticed that after a rain the dew can run. So maybe this is just a thing to do with humidity level.
A lot of times, mostly in high humidity when the plants are super dewed up Drosera as well as Drosphyllum will do this. The wind often blows the leaves briefly together and the sticky dew will make web-like strands connecting the leaves. Do you have a picture ?
I've tried to, but all I have is a phone camera- let me go see If they are dewed up now and maybe I can snap a picture. The web doesn't really form across points that touch though. Here's the only web I could get in focus, and it is between my extrema and spatulata:

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