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My CP's/set-ups/ greenhouse

Dec 29, 2010
Raleigh, NC
I'm glad i had time today to write this long thread, and also to explore more the buttons of terraforums LOL!

so here it is:

This photos are the things of everything i have available for my CP's, the photos are the daily things i use.

First, i store my rain water in 3 places:
1) the box with the 7 gallons full of rain water
2) a 12-inch bucket full of rain water, or i should say pieces of ice
3) because is winter, i can actually store my water outside, so normally when it rains, or snows, i put black large bags outside, i keep the water or ice, snow in the bags, right now i have my last storage of rain ice outside, it has been there for the last week without melting( i try to avoid dirt particles, so i cover the bag)
other things i use: pipet, needles (removing small things without damaging the plants or disturbing too much the plants), drosera food( betta fish pellets), small fan, spray bottle, transparent net (to protect them from big organisms like squirrels )
The bag looks really small, but it is actually big with all the ice you could think of!:

Greenhouse:( just found out the limit is 25 for pics)

>>>>>>>>>>(look at my growlist first: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125458 )<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you look at my growlist, you should know that i have a lot of them.
most of my seeds i have are in hot conditions like my VFT seeds, my drosera seeds, and my sarracenia seeds, except my tuber drosera seeds, because they need cold temperatures to come out of their coats, and about 200 drosera intermedia getting natural stratification, they should emerge soon since they are in my vft seedlings bucket!) cold or not, i put wrapping plastic on top of my seeds, and new emerging seedlings to help increase heat as well as humidity(for the tubers is different, i have read they experience a lot of rain during winter, so the wrapping plastic forms "cold water" on top(condensation), and it falls back down, so instead of getting hot water, they get colder water with cold humidity which is great!!!!!!!!!(temps of 50-60F, they are with my dormant sarracenias, and vft's), before this, they were put in hot conditions for stratification, i used a really strong light, able to burn paper if not careful, but not that hot to kill the tuber seeds, i place a small container with water inside during the stratification, and also i put droplets with the pipet, didn't do it much since they need little humidity), the only ones with dome are the VFT seeds, oh of course there are lots of small holes in the wrapping plastics! , i give them heat and light in the days and colder nights( e.x:days:75F-65,70F nights). Most of my containers are either 4,2,1 inches for seeds.


6 vft seeds in just rain water( i boiled the water for 5 minutes, then waited 10mins, i make sure the water was not hot to kill the babies), also they are hanging in the lamp arm, so they get lots of evaporating water, and really hot conditions since they are really near to the light about 4-inches, they have all the advantages to germinate, close to the light, close to the heat, really humid environment, and are hanging!! i bet they will germinate in just 6 more days!

and the drosera were really hard to find, no pics, sorry

drosera seedlings in a 4-inch container in peat moss, they are fed 1 time a week with betta fish food pellets

vft seedlings in a 12-inch bucket, peat moss and silica, today i move the bucket to a hotter location, the about 200 drosera intermedia should emerge soon, and maybe some sleeping vft's as well, they were sleeping with the big ones.

Pullings, cuttings:
some are just in water, others are in peat moss, and lots of water.
Drosera cuttings, pullings, and vft pullings:

Drosera alba pullings in different environment, not wrap plastic by anything, but lots of water, in the middle is the D. tokaiensis i have been trying to save, i'll wait until spring to see if something emerge:

Nepenthes, i placed them where they can get enough light, but in the corner so they can experience colder nights of 60F-63F, sometimes they experience nights of 55F and in the day temps of 75F. i sprinkle water all the time lots of it, i'm happy to see that new growth is coming, and fast, i know this plants are really slow growers, even the fastest ones, but they are throwing lots of new leafs!!, the media is 4 inches of live sphagnum moss, and 3 inches of peat moss at the bottom.

droseras, i had my droseras in a smaller container, the one where the vft seeds are now, i change it because i saw a gnat, i panic, and took them out immediatly, they are just recovering since i took them beggining of the month, and just 14 days have passed since dec 31,2010, new growth is coming, and i found plantlets next to the big mother(albas), new set up for them: 7-inch pot like nep pot, wider pot, no sitting water, more space for them to grow and deep enough for roots to grow deeper.
pinguiculas(i can't complain about them, they are great!):

sarracenias, growing in 8-inch styrofoam cups, dormant, are able to acquire light from the window all day, are growing in the greenhouse next to the vft's, little to no sitting water.

vft's and 3 sarracenias, dormant in a 12-inch bucket, peat moss is the media, bottom part silica sand, middle part silica sand and LFSM, 2 inch from top just silica sand, top part peat moss( but the whole media is mostly peat moss). i don't water them, or i haven't most of the times, it normally rains, snows in here, (mostly rain) every 2 weeks, sometimes i left them inside for more than 15 days without water, they are doing excellent(i think)

That's pretty much everything i have, do with my cp's!. If you have a question, or need help at germinating seeds, or any of my set-ups you are welcome to ask me anything you want!!!


sarracenia lover
Nov 29, 2010
Everything looks beautiful. Whats the dark colored nep?