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Hey guys, I just recently joined and had a couple questions about my cephs. I am going to copy and paste my questions from my introduction thread in here though, so hopefully I can get some feedback on them.

The following is an excerpt from my intro. post.

Here are a few more pics. The first one is of 3 baby Cephs I have. I'm sure some of you can guess where I got these. I believe they are seed grown but I'm not positive. I ordered two, but after a few months I chopped the larger of the two up and made 4 more plants out of it lol (5 total from that clump and 1 original untouched clump) . They have all rooted too, so now I'm just giving them time. None of them have any non-carnivorous leaves? I thought this was a bit strange, but maybe it is because they're so young? Anyway the second pic is a close up of one of the clumps I cut off the larger original Cephs. It seems to have grown some algae or something green on the perlite. I did some freshwater flushing in case anything was built up, but I'm thinking this is normal and a result of the splitting of the ceph. With the clump splitting came a chunk of moss that was growing in the ceph. Note on the second pic the moss is actually growing from inside the tiny ceph pitcher. I have no idea what is normal and what isn't, so occasionally I will flush to make sure any toxins are diluted/washed away, and I figured I would check around for some answers. Any comments would be appreciated. Also, does anyone know what kind of moss is growing around these cephs? I have not had live LFS before, so I'm not sure if this is it, or one of the other 10,000 moss types. It is also fairly small.

The bottom right Ceph is the untouched Clump. The top Ceph is what's left of the chopped up clump, and the one on the left is one of the rooted cuttings. The Perlite from the original Cephs is still white compared to the cutting... ? It actually seems like there is two types of mosses on the bottom right Ceph; some sort of blanket moss and a fiberous moss. Note the longer strand growing around the Ceph on the left.

This closeup of the cutting shows the moss growing out of the pitcher fairly well. At first I thought I was trippin, but it really is growing from inside. (2nd pitcher from the right) Is this normal? Should I remove it? It doesn't seem to be affecting it much, but it grows so slow and it is so small that it is hard to tell how well it is doing.
the non-carnivorous leaves could be (i dont know for sure) a lack of seasons i.e. no definite temp/light/humidity fluctations. Are they in a terrarium? that might be the answer...
Hey Obregon. Yes they are in a terrarium with consistent light and humidity. The temp fluctuates but the light is on a timer and the humidity is always high. Is the lack of non-carnivorous leaves a cause for concern? Thx for your input.

no, i dont think that's cause for concern. and your welcome! :)
Daniel, the moss is not of any concern because they don't grown much taller than half an inch. In fact, as the Cephs grow larger they look nice on a carpet of green moss IMO. That is not live sphagnum, btw.

Absence of non-carnivorous leaf is caused by the photoperiod. No harm at all. My plants are either at the balcony or under lights for 12 hours. They haven't produced any non-carnivorous leaves for nearly 2 years. And will probably not produce them ever because I live in a place with 12 hours daylight for 365 days.
I know that elgecko has or at least had his in a 10 gallon tank, as a terrarium setup, but I get the impression they are temperate and are adapted to seaonal changes. Should yours get the non-carnivorous leaves, I would advise attempting a cutting, as a backup.

This plant was last year's leaf cutting, after the demise of the parent plant, one that elgecko gave me:

I'm quite sure what I'm looking at.

I'm seeing three healthy cephs and some unnecessarily worried text.

Awesome, that's what I needed to hear =). Thx for the input everyone. :-D
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looks perfect. In time, I think you will love it as the moss will create a nice even carpet and the cephs have a nice greenbackground. Its among the most picturesque plant pots that can ever be. ;)