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Moved and Restarting!


War. War never changes.
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Hey folks,

Many of the old timers know who I am, but I've had to cut back on my CPs (and time spent on the forum) in the past few years. Now many of you know me just because of work I do as a mod. ;)

Anyway, I've moved from the California Bay Area to South-Central Illinois for work (managing and starting up a biogeochemistry lab at the UI Urbana-Champaign campus) which means a lot of things have changed! Still figuring out the whole Midwest climate thing, but the good news is that I've got some room to experiment.

So, I'm hoping to get to know some of you new members and get back in touch with the older folks. If you're in to gardening and/or have some hints for growing in the Midwest, I'd love to chat with you. If you want to chat about biogeochemistry or science in general, I'd love to chat with you, too. If you're in the area, I'd love to buy you a beer. :beer:

Look forward to being more active in the community again. See you around! :)
Welcome back. :) Glad you kept your Maxx avatar.
Welcome back :)
Thanks folks!

Brie, I think the Maxx is here to stay!

Ron, alas no. ;) And if I find some of that stuff I'll give it a go, through I haven't been overwhelmed with the barrel-aged stuff I've had thus far.
Welcome back!
Ah, good to see some of the old "faces" again. There must be a bit of cultural shock in such a relocation but being near a college town can help. And it will be more difficult to grow some genera and easier to grow others.

Happy Growing and best wishes with the career!
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Thanks everyone. Still figuring out what'll work well. I've got some Drosophyllum seeds sprouting (they must be from... 5 years ago?). I've got some Sarracenia seeds sitting on some media, but I'm slightly less optimistic about them. Picked up an no-id Nepenthes at a local nursery. I've got a few other types of old seed to sew, so we'll see what comes up. Next NASC auction will probably be a busy one for me. ;)