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Money Raised for Old Dock Burn May Be Redirected

What do you want the money raised for the burn at Old Dock used for?

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SirKristoff is a poopiehead
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Jul 29, 2001
Greenswamp, NC
Last year our auction raised money for a controlled burn at The Nature Conservancy property in Old Dock NC. Old Dock is an amazing site. Biggest S.minor site in NC. It had some very interesting genetic variations.

I contacted TNC to make arrangements for payment of your donations this week. I was informed that they have a very large grant to cover controlled burns and do not need the money for the burn. So I decided to ask if the money can be better used somewhere else. I was told there was a need for money on botanical surveys and/or TSI (timber stand improvement) work.

Botanical surveys is basically going in and looking for spots with rare species to decide the best areas to do the TSI work.
TSI work is cutting trees and other things including burns to open up the canopy where sites have been overgrown due to lack of natural fires. They have done this to a site called Myrtle Head and it has make opened the site up and now sarracenia are thriving where they were struggling before.

Since I and the NASC board consider the money you donated for the burn at Old Dock, your money we want to let you decide what we do.

I am proposing to redirect the money to TSI work at Old Dock.

Please use this poll for to let us know what you want and also ask any question or make any comment you want about this issue.
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wicked good plants!
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Oct 17, 2005
One other thing to add. We are VERY open to any suggestions of sites that would be worthy beneficiaries for future auctions! If you know of a Sarracenia site that could use the funding, please let us know! :)
Apr 28, 2010
Hi Folks:

Just saw this. I've been tied up getting ready for our summer intern program (see website at www.pitcherplant.org for job openings) and working on land restoration at Joseph Pines preserve. If it's not too late, may I suggest you donate this money for land conservation at our Central VA Preserve? We still owe $43K on a note for buying one property and we're working on signing a contract to purchase a second adjoining property which wil: protect the headwaters feeding the native pitcher plant site and; bring us within feet of the native pitcher plant colony. If you donate this money during the Community GIVE on May 5, 2015 you also help make us eligible for additional cash prizes (thousands of dollars) for land conservation. Last year we received $3K in cash prizes and $10K in donations for land conservation.

The Central VA Preserve is working on buying land to protect and restore the northen most pitcher plant bog in Virginia with globally rare species (New Jersey Rush) on a globally rare geologic formation (gravel bog). Please let me know if you have any questions.


Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.
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Meadowview Biological
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