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misting on a sunday , terrarium quick view


just thought id post a quick video of my new set up , w/ the misting system on:blush:, i still need my old computer set up here. I havent taken the time, i miss posting on youtube i had just begun really. i can do a much better video with my camera. sorry so blurry :blush:

Anyone know how to keep the other videos in my public account from comming up a the end of the video posted??:-(
the cephs don't mind it?
What mass asked. I though Cephs hated getting their leaves wet.
ive always kept my cephs very damp:blush:, even when they wernt in a terrarium i misted the plants two or three times a day , the misting system goes off well before the lights go out so the top of the soil isnt as damp as you would imagine.
the misting system goes on something like 4 times a day for 30 too 40 seconds at a time, i just turned it on full to shoot the video.
i would not suggest this unless you have very strong lights and a bit of warmth to the terrarium , probably wouldnt work in a ultra highland terrarium,
i would say my terrarium is in the intermediate to highland temps