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misc non heli quick pics LOL

Hand held, no flash quickies...

Lepanthes telipogoniflora... A replacement for one I had a few years ago.
Normally an easy plant IMHO but lost it while struggling though a hobby burn out phase.

N. villosa is starting to get photogenic :)

N. macrophylla (couldn't resist the urge lol)

Can't believe one just brought 500usd on ebay.... sheesh

thanks for looking,
so you're starting to grow teefiees now? nice plants Butch! sorry to hear about the telipogoniflora dying off--glad you got a replacement!
Non-Heliamphora pictures? Easy peasy! I'll put some in soon.
Very nicely done Av! The telipogoniflora is looking great! Now if I can just convince you to take some Ping and Drosera pictures :).
What business do those fugly Nepenthes weeds have, crowding out your Heliamphora?
grab the roundup!!