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miranda cultivation

hey guys now my miranda has never grown well for me for some reason but it had many growth points so i think it didnt get enough nutrients because it never pitchered. So now my miranda has put out ten new growth points at the same time but its pitchering for the first time. I have started fertilising a week ago but the pitchers are slightly older.

Do you think that if i fertilise heavily (relatively speaking) i could let it keep all its growth points and have it produce nice large pitchers? Im also going to increase the humidity substantially
Don't worry about humidity so much as lighting. This plant can easily take full sun, and will reward you for it. I had one in conditions of full shade and 10% humidity for about 10 months, only after I put it into higher light levels did it produce any pitchers over 2 inches tall.
Im going to move it but i dont want to shock it, it leaves are getting nice and big now
That's what Miranda does. It's a massive plant, so prepare for a monster. Quite long tendrils, too.
Well in total its got maybe 15 growth points so its already huge!
That's a monster.....
Especially considering i already cut 8 more off
Hey Kev, I kept my miranda outdoors all summer in dappled sun and the leaves never blushed but it did pitcher nicely in spite of our hot drought conditions this year. At the end of Oct I moved it indoors into a tent greenhouse and, due mostly to reduced light I suspect, it "aborted" the pitchers that were inflating but the nicer pitchers that were open already are going strong. I guess if it's starting to pitcher for you you may want to keep it's conditions consistant untill it gets a few open just in case. Here is before/after pics:

Outdoors for a few months and it went out with no pitchers


Indoors with supplemental light in a south window

It had a few open pitchers but they are only 8-10 cm tall ones not very big. Im fertilising the plant twice as much as my other plants since i figure it needs much more nutriets than they do am i wrong?
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I'm a noob at this Nep thing and only have mine because the "rescuer" in me couldn't help myself. So I can't confirm or deny the harmful effects of "extra" fertilization, but I will say that at the greenhouse I got mine from watering with hard water laced with fertilizer made pitchers and tendrils blacken and dry up. I figure the hard water alone probably would have caused this, but there in-line fertilizing may have been a factor too. I am too scared to apply fert and I only water w/ distilled, but the pitchers I see have managed to capture several bugs each and that can't hurt at all. Strong leaf production continues and tendrils all look good except, of course, the few that were inflating when I moved the plant indoors. The ones that were inflating just stopped and seem in suspended animation(not blackening yet).