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Minimum temps for lowlanders

I grow a mixture of intermediates and lowlanders. In my grow tent, I get daily highs of 80, and lows from 60-65. Is this okay for most lowlanders? I know of some lowland species, like N. bicalcurata, that really need intense heat, so I am avoiding those.
Those are more intermediate temps. You're going to want about 10 degrees warmer on both ends for LL'ers.
Would N. rafflesiana x (xDyeriana) and N. x Mixta be considered lowlanders? These are my. "Lowland" plants. Both have some highland parentage, but may prefer true lowland conditions.
My plants all experience rather intermediate conditions all winter long. They tend to slow down at this time of year, but never stop growing. Yours should be fine, especially if it warms up in the summer months. Some, however, like bicals or sumatrana, will probably appreciate very warm temps.
I have bical/albomarginata/truncata/ampullaria and they are dealing OK with 65F nights. Couple drops to 45-55 which weren't intentional, but they're still fine. I aim for 75F, but the older greenhouses don't heat as well as they used to (50 years old). 65F should be alright. Keeping the soil drier makes it heat up more, so avoid keeping the pot soggy.

Oh, and by the way Shawn, the Echinocereus grusonii I got from your project is now basketball-size!
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