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Maxsea issue

Ran out of maxsea so ordered some online.... (yes, ebay)

When it arrived I opened it and went omg, this looks nothing like the Maxsea I had.
First thought was I got a bogus ebay product... now what?

Called Maxsea, described my concern...


"You cannot go by appearance with our product. As an example, we have three different sources for Bone Meal. What the final product looks like will vary from batch to batch based on ingredient source."

I was still not warm and fuzzy, so I said well let me describe what "mine" looks like...

Its grayish in color and appears to have pellets like osmocote in it...

"You have 16:16:16 don't you?"


"you're good to go..."

still not going to trust it till I try some on less valuable Heliamphora
Whenever I've bought it, it has looked as you describe. I shall get a photo, post haste!
come to think of it same here. let me go check when I got a moment at home.....
that is good to hear.... cuz it sure is diff than my last (and only other) bottle....

to be fair, I probably bought it ummm 4-5 yr ago though

Lots of osmocote-like pellets in the mix, visible as spheres with brown sugar coating! (Normally the pellets don't have this much other material glued to them, but this stuff is hygroscopic and mine is the end quarter of the jar and has absorbed some moisture)
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mine looks darker. I think it got some moisture in the bottle. problem with living here in Maui....
that is much closer to what I have now than what I had....

my new stuff:

my original bottle was much more reminiscent of miracle grow miracid

I checked for water solubility and it seems very good.
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looks like a spice rub or corned beef spices.....
Yes Butch, a brand new jar of the stuff looks like what you show in the photo. Mine, as I say, has been open for three months and is gets sticky over time.
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okie dokie....

warmer and fuzzier now :)
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Ha! It was your first bottle that was the counterfeit... :p
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My MaxSea looks different than both those pics. ???

Mine is powdery gray with smaller osmocote-like pellets but none of the crystal rice shaped thingamabobs. Maybe mine's from a very old batch. I've had my large tub for about 2-3 years.
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lololol yep I had miracid the first time :p
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Your old one look something like this?
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texture is spot on, just add a little blue and green to the color and it would be what I had.

is that how it looked new?.... maybe I had it so long I just got used to seeing it "aged"
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is that how it looked new?.... maybe I had it so long I just got used to seeing it "aged"
LOL - no. That's how it looked ~3 minutes before I posted (assuming it takes me 3 min to walk upstairs, get pic out of camera, resize, upload to PB & post).

So it would fall into the 'aged' category. I'm not sure how old it is but probably on the north side of 4 years. When I use fertilizer, it's been one of the orchid ferts for the past few years - so the Maxsea sits up on the shelf ... ???
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I think I've had this one since 2011. Not my go-to, but I keep it around nonetheless.

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Here's what mine looks like. Similar to mato's but his looks more densely packed with those osmocote-like pellets.

Kinda makes me question the consistency of MaxSea if they all look so different.
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Yep, looks like my bottle, and I got it straight from a well-known nursery in CA that swears by the stuff.