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MasterLow's plant collection!

Just started buying my first batch of plants in December, loving it so far! Have had great success with all my plants except the VFT's, trying to figure out why. I have 3x Envirogro T5 lights and a large 5500k CFL. The planter boxes are from gardeners.com, they have water reservoirs inside them so I water once a week. Also a humidifier tucked up in the corner to keep it between 65-80%, and the temps range from 65-75 degrees. The bottom shelf is adjustable, I can move it another 14'' down after the plants grow taller. Anyone have any recommendations for ground covering? Sphagnum would be nice, but would prefer some sort of low growing moss. Check it out:

Nice collection there. Do you know about dormancy? Most of your plants such as the Flytraps and Sarracenia need a winter dormancy, They say you can sometimes skip it the first year but you'll need to figure out how to do the dormancy in your current setup for this coming winter for the long-term health of your plants who require it.

The Nepenthes is tropical and does not need a dormancy - that's why I grow those! ha ha

Anyway, welcome to Terraforums, you'll meet a lot of folks here ready & willing to help you on the carnivorous path!
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Yep, know about the dormancy, bought them all at the end of winter so they were all cut and small. Plan to repot all of the dormancy plants into the same pot so I can move them someplace else when the time comes.
If it is possible, I would recommend growing the Sarracenia outside, because they really need a lot of light and you wouldn't really need to worry about forcing them into dormancy because it would occur naturally, unless it gets too cold outside for them. Anyways, nice setup!
Don't have any space outside, in the future I'll have a greenhouse but that's a year out. The Sars are growing really well it seems.
What a lush green oasis you've got there! Looking great I love the variety. Hey any chance I could see some pics detailing your humidifier setup? I just built a grow rack this weekend that needs to be adjusted a bit and I am looking to get one of those ultrasonic humidifiers. Any pics or advice you've got to share would be great.

I just have this guy set up in the corner, bought from Amazon. Lasts a solid 5-6 days on the low setting.

Oh sweet, that lasts a while. Thanks for the pic! I'm getting ideas on humidifiers and the best way to deliver the humidity to my plants. Do you use a hygrotherm to auto-regulate the humidity?