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Man, these rednecks are taking over.

Hello, my name is Dennis. I am also from TN, about an hour south of Nashville. We should have a meet-up sometime.

I have been lurking for a few months. I love all forms of carnivorous plants. I am fascinated by evolution and these plants are a marvel of evolution. Their "reversal" of the natural order is very intriguing to me.

I am amazed at the sarracenia and cephalotus collections that other users have posted pictures of on here. Just gorgeous. I hope to get mine to that point.

This is by far the most helpful and friendly CP site I have visited. Most just seem to argue constantly about mostly petty topics or they are there just to show off their plants and offer little guidance or advice. This site seems more of an actual virtual community. :hail:
Heh, about the argue part- aha, just kidding.
Welcome to TF, when I read your title I was like, oh no... another forum bot-spammer >.> Glad to see it's a real person. xD
The forum has it's fair share of pointless arguments, but meh, what family never argues right?
Welcome to the forum!

When you feel comfortable, consider joining the SECPS (link in my signature). We just started it up, but we hope to have organized meetings in the (near) future.

See ya around!
Welcome to TF... a cross-secton of humanity!
rednecks are fine......just dont drag in any white trash when yah come in the door........

welcome to the forum from a fellow redneck, half edjumakated, backwater hick :D
Who you callin' a redneck?! I feel offended...

Welcome! I hope you enjoy it.
Welcome! My grandmother lives in Manchester, sister lives in Nashville, and parents live in the Chattanooga area... I'm sure i drive near you every now and again ;)
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I am in Summertown, just a bit below Columbia.
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Welcome, the south shall rise again!!!
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Welcome! I was born in Knoxville, and my Dad moved back there several years ago. Some of the most beautiful countryside is in Tennessee.