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Mail from Dewy!

I received S. alata "Covington LA" in my mail from Dewy today :)




Not much to look at yet but I think I have some time to get some pitchers out of them! Needless to say I'm pretty excited :)
The good thing about S. alata (at least up here in the north east) is they put out their biggest and best pitchers in late summer through fall. You should get plenty of nice ones in the next couple of months.
Ooh great! It was like that with my S. leuco so I bet it's the same here as it is there with the alata too.
Awesome, glad you received them and it looks like they made the travel well :) I'll post some pictures in this thread tomorrow of the ones I have growing as aquatics. I decided to try an experiment one year, I took several and put them in a plastic container and filled it with water. Even in winter when the water was completely frozen, the plants still survived and have sent up the biggest pitchers of the year. Oddly, they haven't flowered, but they are healthier looking than the ones I grow in peat:perlite lol. Hope you enjoy them, they should start producing some new pitchers soon and as the previous poster said, they produce the nicest pitchers in the autumn.
Nice! I also received mine as well in excellent condition! Thanks dewy!! Im assuming the aquatics testing explains the super long roots? :awesome:
Actually, the ones I sent everyone were grown in 50:50 peat:perlite mix, the ones growing in water have shorter roots but they are much thicker. What's interesting is I've used tap water, there is algae growing in the water, and I only change the water ONCE a year and yet they are producing bigger pitchers than the non-aquatic plants. Here are some pictures I took this morning.

Picture of how they are grown as aquatics and the roots/algae (the algae doesn't seem to adversely affect them).

Here are the pitchers, very healthy!

Saw this small frog!

2 Macros of him

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Any updates on how the plants I sent everyone are doing? The ones I repotted and trimmed back have produced some nice pitchers :)
dewy that is very interesting!! I would like to try that! Maybe I will with some of the seedlings I am growing. Have you done that with any others besides alata?
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dewy that is very interesting!! I would like to try that! Maybe I will with some of the seedlings I am growing. Have you done that with any others besides alata?

Sorry I've been away at college and got back a few weeks ago. I haven't tried it with any other plants yet! The reason I tried it with the S. alata was because I repotted a large pot of them several years ago and didn't have room for some of the extras, and I didn't have any other pots to put them in and ran out of peat moss! At the time I didn't have any money lol, so instead of throwing them away I decided to just put them in that container and fill it with water and see what happens. After 3 years of that, all year long in the water, they've done great and even flowered this past spring. It's certainly interesting they like growing in pure water like that, and when Algae begins growing in the water they actually seemed to like that because when I changed the water after it had been filled with Algae, they slowed their growth and put out smaller pitchers for awhile until the Algae started growing again. Now all I do is every spring I empty the water, cut off the old dead pitchers, and put them back in the container with fresh water and keep it filled up all year long! Very low maintenance lol, and they seem to love it.