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Made a stop at my local bog today here in ohio...

Made a trip back into my local bog this morning... 25 degrees today and the sun was out....
Oh and I was off work.....Beautiful day in the bog..



All The tamarack trees are bare now..












Nice pics. It's not all the time that we get to see pics of the temperate bogs in the winter. The S. purpurea are definitely still looking perky considering the frost. Are those edible cranberries?
Yes they are and they taste great. I will try to add more pictures later..
Great post, don't see too many out of season winter bog pics. I hope you spread those ripe seed around a bit out there !
Nice. We have local cranberries here too, but they are a different species. I find that in the winter they are almost at their optimal ripeness as far as taste and texture is concerned.
I spread ever seed pod I could reach..
I spread ever seed pod I could reach..

Nice ! I always try to scatter as much seed as possible from any late season pods I find. It's nice when you go back 2 or 3 years later and can see all the young plants in the spots you know you tossed seed in.
Beautiful!!! Lovely to see a bog in winter! That frozen Sphag is pretty cool!
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Nice to see u made I back it's really cool to see frost on them. What are the green mushrooms and thanks for sharing
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wowow i want to collect seeds and moss :cool:
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Some beautiful pics there!
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Mad jelly over here! I need to vacation at Dozer's place. No bogs in my neck of the woods.
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Thanks . We have several around ohio.. left over from the glaciers... i need to visit more....
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Made it back into the bog today. I plan was to walk the frozen lake and sphagnum floats to find other growing areas. Lots of snow. I brought my snow shoes and it's a good thing because with the holes in the sphagnum and 2 feet of snow I never could of done it..

Other than deep snow everything was frozen hard except for a spot next to a beaver lodge. I put my hiking poll in I didn't touch the bottom and the ice had a lot of slush on top so I moved on..

purp seed heads just keeping above the snow.
dug down to a purpurea.
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Neat, Jim! More folks need to post off season photos; they are quite insightful. It is particularly interesting to see the seed scattered on the snow. Was it like that when you found it? Depending on snow melt and incline that could either lead to lots of seed dispersal or none.

Again, cool beans! Thanks.