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lowii x campanulata


still loving this one found this pitcher hiding in the back of the terrarium.:blush:
This is one of the best-colored specimens of this hybrid. Just fantastic.
that is one color saturated pitcher, I love it!
Impressive plants Jimmy, this ones amazing.
Holy mama!!! That thing is cooked, do you ever get smoke coming off that thing?? What kind of lighting you using? 2000 Kelvin?
fantastic jimmy
Dem roots!

What a crazy dark pitcher too wow!
Nice! What a great pitcher. Although the roots do look cool up against the wood I think it might be time to repot.:)
Nice! How big is that pitcher? The pitcher mine came with looks like a dark, elongated attenboroughii (more campanulata influence). The new developing pitcher is starting to look more lowi-esque with an oval peristome. Intermediate pitcher perhaps? Did yours start off the same way?