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Looking to trade

Hi folks,
Brand new on the site here.
I found it looking for carnivorous plant seeds.

I have a list of seeds that are actually unrelated to carnivorous plants so I hope it is okay I am doing this. If not I will gladly delete this post.
If anyone might be interested in trading any carnivorous seeds they have for seeds I have. I would be gladly appreciative.
I know I am new to this site but I can be contacted through facebook and other ways. I do a lot of SASE in other groups/forums.

Also if you do not have seed and might want to trade one of your plants let me know. I have the facilities to accommodate.
Might be a reach but I meet a lot of folks with green thumbs that like to trade. :)

Thanks a lot for the forums. I will be searching them I am sure.

Here is my list:

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Nice to meet you man. I will most likely be trading with you in the future, I grow alot of flower varieties myself.
Welcome. .. A lot of us grow a little bit of everything. ... I will probably be sending you a private message...
Thanks Nem let me know.
Already have a trade going on :) thanks again dozer.
Thanks for looking folks.
Thanks for Trading Dozer. I have all my supplies just need to set up and check more info on germinating ;-)