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I have a few gallon size pots (and 1 smaller) Sarracenia divisions from last Spring that I am looking to trade to diversify my collection. As such, I am looking for established seedling hybrids (or bigger) to trade for my plants. I have the following to trade:

Rubra gulfensis x Flava (gallon pot)
Flava x Willisi (gallon pots)
Flava ornata x (purpurea x Oreophila) (gallon pot)
unknown hybrid (looks like alata or rubra) (gallon pot)
Rubra alabamensis (4 inch pot)
wrigleyana (gallon pot)

Pictures of the plants taken today can be seen at:


I also have two sickly (Rubra x Oreo) x (oreo x Flava) gallon size plants to give away for the cost of shipping (say $9).
I will ship the plants bare root if I get a trade within the next week as I expect my plant to be shipped. US shipping only please, sorry.

Any questions, please email me.