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looking to trade non rare nepenthes ans sundews in TC for any other CP

I started doing TC about 2 years ago from seeds I got on ebay. Now I'm overrun with babyfood jars of nepenthes and sundews
each jar has many plants at least 20 for the nepenthes and probably 50+ sundews. N. "King Tiger" x mirabilis "Kuraburi" and Drosera spatulata. They are all small but could be separated out and rooted in your own jars. I'm willing to trade either plants in TC or just plants that are rooted. Don't have to be a large clump like I have. They should re-cultured soon as the agar is breaking up on the bottom.If interested shoot me an email. I included pictures of some I acclimated.I'm from boston in the USA and really can't justify shipping outside the country...the rates are what I'd pay for a culture here
thx steve


hi all
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Anything you are looking for or interested in?
nothing specific, I'm fairly new to this so any CP plants are of interest. I thought I'd get a notify of a reply but I guess
that doesn't happen at this site...so for the delay
Do you have any other species in TC? (Even non-CPs?) I have a few species in vitro. I would have to look and see what I could send though.
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Nice looking plants! I am going on vacation next week. If any are left then I might find something to trade with you...
Just wanted to say thanks Steve for the jars full of neps and dews!