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I HAVE spares of the following plants/seeds:

P. agnata x moranensis (flowering size)
P. moranensis x emarginata (flowering size)
P. 'Libelulita' (1 year from leaf pullings)
P. 'Titan' (1 year from leaf pullings)

D. burmanni "Pilliga Red" fresh seed from actively growing plants

I am LOOKING for any below:

P. laueana
P. emarginata
P. sp Lautner 92/52

U. sandersonii
U. livida
U. bisquamata (lg flower)
any terrestrial Utric except subulata

D. hamiltonii
D. slackii

Trades are with U.S. residents only, please.
All plants have been spoken for and shipped to those that sent PM's. Thank you for your interest!
Thanks Dom, they arrived well packed and look great!