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"Looking to buy" rules! Work in progress. Comments/Suggestions welcome!


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
I will edit this post as we go....

Welcome everyone to the TerraForums Looking To Buy forum!

1) First off please note, this looking to buy section is in trial mode and can have major/minor changes or end at any time.

2) Only "Thank You" members can post that they are looking to buy an item, but anyone can sell it to them by following the instructions at the end of these rules. View this topic for more information and all the benefits of being a paid member! http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/109464-quot-Thank-You-quot-membership

3) Replies should only be from individuals which have what the seeker is looking for, and they are willing to sell said item(s). Replies may not be made to post where the seeker should look to buy/websites to check.

4) No vendors at this time. If you have a full blown store please do not participate at this time. If you do email sales or ebay sales etc on a small scale you may participate but this is not the time to advertise. Please do not mention your store, that you sell, watermark your photos with your store name, or otherwise indicate the fact in any way. This may change later, stay tuned!

5) Please do not try to bypass the system and sell or buy items outside of this classifieds system. If someone contacts you to do business outside of the system please report it by using the report PM button in the message or PM me (adnedarn). Only sales through the system will get help if a problem arises from a sale. The money collected from these transactions goes toward the expense of running this forum- Thanks for your support!

6) The current fee to sell an item as a "Thank You" member is 5% of the final sale. This fee also applies to sales made through the looking for section when they are listed in the Looking for SOLD! forum.

7) Do not use all caps, symbols, fancy fonts, sizes, or anything else in your title to try and gain better attention. Your title should be basic and let people know what you have or are looking for and nothing else.

8) Looking to buy posts stay active for 1 week after the last post. You are welcome to re-post your thread, or bump it on the 5th or 6th day. Looking to buy SOLD posts stay for 2 days so make sure the interested party is ready to buy before you post.

How to sell to someone that is looking to buy an item. After all the details are sorted out, please create the listing in the "Looking to buy SOLD!" sub-forum and put the members name in the title (so someone else doesn't buy it). Even if you are not a "Thank You" member, you can post here for that reason.
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Andrew, it must be too early for me yet, I read that as "I'm looking to buy some rules."

So far, looks good!
Sorry the rules are not for sale. :-\ Maybe quotes will help?
How about tossing that five percent, on occasion, if monies from a sale, were raised for some charity -- say, the continuing preservation of bog lands from encroaching, toothless Walmartians?
I have put the suggestion from you to the company that made the software where (like ebay) you could choose to have a chosen % go towards a good cause... They loved the idea but didn't know when it would happen. If you wanted to do that- I could refund the fee to your account after it processes...
EBay has a "Give at Checkout" and "Donate Now" option (usually fixed amounts).


This would be simpler to implement than a percentage. The donation amount is above and beyond the sales/auction amount. It simply add x amount to the total checkout.

The NASC has a "Save the Flytrap" program.
However they choose to do it.. I forget if I said a % or a $ amount... but I referenced the ebay system as had been suggested during the discussion of this thing. How long to (or if ever) they implement it is impossible for me to say.
Since this is not a discussion section replies should be confined to actual offers. Leads as to where to buy outside Terraforums should not be allowed (see rule 4 above). Maybe replies should not be allowed at all. The idea is to generate sales through Terraforums and not outside sources.