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Looking for TF member Jayson16

I have a plant of his that needs to find its way home.
It has outgrown my indoor setup, and its health is starting to suffer because of it.

I've had no contact with Jay in a long time and he hasn't been active on TF recently.
The only email I have is no longer valid, and the Facebook link in his profile doesn't work (from what I've been told)

If anyone knows him please have him check his PM's and contact me.

Wow, what plant? Must have been a while.
ummm a royal truncata, identical twin to the one Luca got from me
if it's not claimed I would be MORE than happy to take it. :jester:
Its going to a good home next week...
good to hear. Often times people take kindness for weakness. Did he expect you care for it until he cam waltzing back in for it? Glad you found a solution or answer.

meh, jay is good people.... life likely just took another path or priorities changed

If it hadn't just gotten too big I would have never cared. It was 2" diam when I got it, now its like 18" diam LOL
I just don't have room anymore and its health is starting to decline cuz of it..

for its own good, it gotta go
A quick facebook search turned him up, I'll PM you
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tracking shows that the royal truncata made it back home :)

Case closed, and thanks Vbkid for all for the help
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If I send you one of my 2" SG truncates will you grow it out for me to 18"?
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LOL, I was happy to help out but no more foster parenting neps :p
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