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Looking for Steve Stewart

Hey everyone,
I figured this would actually be a pretty good place to try and get some info. Some of you may or may not know Steve Stewart, but he was a pretty active grower of carnivorous plants. He's written a few articles for the ICPS publication and was well versed in CP's. I met with him in 2010 right before he left for Colorado. A good friend of mine knew him quite well and introduced the two of us. A few weeks after moving up to Colorado we lost contact with him. We've been wondering what happened ever since. I know in the past he's been difficult to get a hold of and we're hoping that's simply the case now. If anyone knows what he's up to, or an up to date email we can contact him at it would be much appreciated. Let him know Steve Myers and Leif are hoping to hear from him. Thanks for your time and help guys!

Try the ICPS listserv or ICPS Forums. He is registered on both although it has been several years since I've seen him post anything.
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