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looking for seeds of Sarr purpurea Canada


would anybody have seeds of Sarr purpurea from Canada for swap? I have several hardy Drosera seeds, or Neps seeds,


OL , Switzerland
Do you know if there are any import restrictions on sending seeds from the US to Switzerland? I cannot find much info. Do the seeds you seek hvae to be from Canada? And why? Just curious. Can you be more specific about what you have to trade?
Hi Pearldiver,

A friend of mine would like sarr purp with as much info as possible (traceability) and I imagined seeds from Canada were easiest. Now, if you have some from the USA, I guess that would be no problem...
I can swap with drosera linearis (4 origins), anglica (European and Canadian origins), VFT fused teeth, Drosophyllum, Nep inermis and talangensis.

There is no problem into CH if the seeds are in a protected (matted, or carved-inside 5-8mm thick cardboard) envelope. Have done it loads of times before...

Thanks for your reply,

All the best in Texas,