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looking for sarrs or vft

Hey everyone I have one rooted cutting of a spectabilis giantx ventricosa and two smaller rooted basals of a ventricosa x spectabilis giant I have pics and still own the main plant which the basals came from the other is a piece I rooted from a fellow grower on here I'm not looking for anything special some hybrid sarr and a vft would be cool just pm me with offers if interested also not looking for anything big as these are just rooted and the only one with pitchers at the moment is the two basals thanks for your time
I would be interested in a basal. I have divisions of S. Lady Bug, S. gilpini, S. mineophilla, S. Daina's Delight, S. mitchelliana, S. flava Coppertop and small plant of S. psittacina. Let me know if you are interested.
Trade Closed thanks for all the offers.