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Looking for NASC Growers


Grow Pitcher Plants!
Hi all,

The NASC is looking to add interested people to the Growers Committee.

You must be a current member of the NASC to become a grower. The NASC is looking for people who have experience with growing Sarracenia to maturity with appropriate space and conditions to grow, pollinate, and collect seed from rescued plants. Experience with pollinating and growing Sarracenia from seed is preferred. Please see the NASC website and scroll down to the Grower Information Packet. Once you are a member, please read the Grower Information Packet and fill out the form on the last page of the document. Email or mail it back to me. If you are interested, please send me a pm.

Thank you.

Victor Holland
NASC Administrator of Plant Materials
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PM sent :-D
sounds interesting, but alas i'm not a member...yet
I'm a registered member on your website, but I can't pay my dues because Paypal is garbage.

Anyway, I have 10.5 acres with three species in situ and room to cultivate others. I'm actually quite excited about the idea of helping.
I want to be a grower so badly, but i cant be because of my age :( I cant wait until i turn 18:)