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Looking for N. aristilochiodes any size

Does anyone in the community have anything they are willing to trade of that species?
Hey low low, its usually expected that you list what you would be willing to trade when creating a post like this.
ahh. Thanks.
For trade:
heliamphora: h. minor (established division)
N. ovata (tc baby size), N. sibuyanensis (basal 2")
d. multifida extrema, d. prolifera, d. adelae, d. binata, d. rotundifolia
p. aphrodite (5-6")
That is all I can think of without going to the plant tank.
N. aristolochioides does occasionally show up on eBay, although its rare these days. I would imagine that is your best best, and possibly you only option, given the fact that there appears to be none coming from the usual tissue culture suppliers. You do know what a difficult species this can be, yes?
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just caved in and picked up 2 from wistuba. life is grand!