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I am looking for mature Dente VFT or other giant VFT, except B-52, in the San Jose area for a school project for my son's project. I prefer to step by and pick it up because i will need them within the next 2 weeks, so no time for shipping and recovery. All I grow are nepenthes so these are the plants I am offering for trade. Please PM if interested.


N. [truncata x (northiana x veitchii)] x ephippiata 5-6" across
N. glandulifera x (eymae x veitchii) 3-4" across
N. maxima- Sulawasi x lowii Kinabalu 3-4" across
N. eymea x ephippiata 5-6" across
N. vent x ovata unrooted cutting
N. vent x agasenesis unrooted cutting
N. lowii x campanulata unrooted basal
N. BE selected purple clone gynamphora unrooted cutting