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Mar 8, 2008
East TN
I am looking to trade any of the following for lowland Nepenthes. Email or Private Message me if you are interested in anything.

1.) Stadt Feltbach, dwarf variety , grows to 3' with a peachy-orange bloom and green foliage.
2.) Tropical Sunrise, Grows to 3' tall with green foliage, and has a pink and apricot bloom
3.) Richard Wallace , grows to 3' tall. Sunshine yellow blooms, apple green foliage.
4.) Yellow King Humbert, Buttery-yellow blooms with splashes of orange, and apple green foliage. Grows to 4' tall
5.) Crimson Beauty , dark fuchsia blooms, shiny green foliage. increases rapidly. Heavy bloomer. grows to 4' tall
6.) King City Gold , yellow blooms, dark green foliage. Grows to 4' tall.
7.) Red King Humbert, red blooms with a bronze-red foliage. Grows to 6' tall.
8.) Orange Beauty ( for those Big Orange gardens ). Giant canna, grows to OVER 6' tall. Huge green leaves, and bright orange flowers. Very dramatic.
9.) Dawn pink , compact canna , grows to only 30" tall. Great for growing in pots. Coral pink blooms and dark burgundy foliage.
10.) Journey's End, creamy white bloom with splashes of coral pink, green foliage. Grows to 3' tall.
11.) Tangelo , Tangerine blossoms, green foliage. Grows to 3' tall.
12.) Burning Ember, Dark bronze foliage , burnt orange blooms. grows to 3' tall.
13.) Apricot Dream, soft salmon pink blooms with blue green foliage. Grows to 3' tall.
14.) Orange Punch, gorgeous orange blooms with a yellow throat. green foliage. Grows to 3' tall.
15.) Whithelm Pride, pink cotton candy blooms , dark green foliage, and grows to 4' tall.

Well Rooted with leaves, 2 foot tall Brugmansias,
Creamy white, pink, and bright yellow, all fragrant.

Small plants of Buddeliah Yellow Honeycomb butterfly bush

Purple Basil plants
Large sweet basil plants ( grown from seed )
Fennel plants
Chives , Garlic ( lots of large plants )
Greek Oregano
Catnip ( hey it's an herb for cats)
Mint 'Chocolate'
Golden Variegated Sage


* Hibiscus Deep Pink (cuttings or seeds )
* Hibiscus Disco Belle Red (cuttings )
* Hibiscus Old Yeller ( cuttings)
* Hibiscus Pale Pink Cherry Center (cuttings)
* Hibiscus Solid White Dinnerplate Southern Belle (cuttings )

* Agastache 'honey bee white'
* Agastache 'Golden Jubilee'( out )

* Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip'

* Aquilegia Nora Barlow 'pink' plants
* Aguilegia ' Dark blue almost purple double plants
* Black Eyed Susan
* Blackberry Lily
* Blue Eyed Grass ( small and large plants )
* Campanula 'Elizabeth'
* Clerodendrum bungei
* Crinum 'bulbispermum' beautiful dark pink stripes on white
* Double Orange Daylillies - Kwanzo
* Four o' Clocks (pink)
* Frans Hall daylily
* Lily of the Valley
* Money Plant ( purple bloom )
* Monkey Flower
* Obediant Plant (pink)
* Obediant Plant (purple)
* Passion Flower
* Phlox (Phlox paniculata "Delta Snow")
* Primrose Yellow Evening
* Shasta Daisy ( tall old fashioned variety)
* Spiderwort 'purple'
* Spiderwort 'white with purple center'
* Spiderwort 'spiderwort bilberry ice'
* Tiger Lily
* Chamelion plant
* Echinacea (Coneflowers) 'Pink'
* Echinacea (Coneflowers) 'Magnus'
* Veronica alba'

POND/BOG plants

I have many alocasias and colocasias
Pickerel Rush - Pink
Arrow Arum Plant
Yellow Water Flag Iris
Water Celery
Horsetail Reed
Lizard's Tail
Miniature sized cattail
And more..just need to make a list


I have photos of some of my daylilies here...and also photos of the daylilies I lost the tags for. They were once named lol, but now they are numbered..I still need to add their numbers to their pictures


42nd Street
Artist Etching
Baby Blues
Beloved Deceiver
Best of Friends
Big Bird
Broadmore Red
Canadian Border Patrol
Carmine Monarch
Catherine Woodbury
Charles Johnston
Cheek to Cheek
Cherry Candy
Chorus Line
Christmas Is
Cimmarron Knight
Country Uncle
Court Magician
Crimson Shadows
Custard Candy
Dance Ballerina Dance
Daring Deception
Dewberry Candy
Double PomPom
Down Home
Dragon's Orb
El Desperado
Elegant Candy
Exotic Candy
Fairy Tale Pink
Fran Hall
Gentle Blessing
Georgette Belden
Happy Returns
House of Orange
Little Cobbler
Lullaby Baby
Magic Carpet Ride
Malaysian Monarch
Mary Todd
Mauna Loa
Newberry Festival
Night Beacon
Orange Crush
Paper Dragon
Pastel Classic
Peacock Maiden
Peacock Maiden
Pink Cotton Candy
Pink Taffy
Pirate's Patch
Polynesian Love Song
Rocket City
Ruffled Panties
Screech Owl
Shepard's Light
Siloam David Kirchoff
Siloam Double Classic
Siloam Dream Baby
Smoky Mountain Autumn
Spacecoast Bold Scheme
Spacecoast Ruffles
Splendid Touch
Strawberry Candy
Strawberry Sherbert
Strutter's Ball
Summer Wine
Sun King
Tropical Tangerine
Wedding Band
Wineberry Candy
Witch Hazel
Woodside Fire Dance
Yazoo Jim Terry Pink
Dragon Lore
Eenie Weenie

SEDUMS - I have 30 more that are not listed

Sedum Acre
Sedum Aizoon
Sedum Album
Sedum Album Bella D. Inverno
Sedum Angelina
Sedum Autumn Fire
Sedum Autumn Glory
Sedum Autumn Joy
Sedum Blue Carpet
Sedum Blue Spruce
Sedum Brilliant
Sedum Button
Sedum Carl Telephium
Sedum Carmen
Sedum Cauticola Lidakense
Sedum Coral Carpet
Sedum 'Divergens'
Sedum Erythrostictum Mediovariegatum
Sedum Frosty Morn
Sedum Fulda Glow
Sedum Grisbachii
Sedum Hab Gray
Sedum Hispanicum
Sedum Hybridum Immergruchen
Sedum Iceberg
Sedum Immergruchen
Sedum Jellybean
Sedum Joyce Henderson
Sedum Kamstachican
Sedum Lydium
Sedum Matrona
Sedum Mexicanum
Sedum Montanum
Sedum Montanum ssp. Orientale
Sedum Neon
Sedum ' Rupestre Erectum'
Sedum 'Rupestre Blue Lagoon'
Sedum Rosy Glow
Sedum Ruby Carpet
Sedum S. Floriferum
Sedum Sarmentosum
Sedum Sediforne
Sedum Selskianum Spirit
Sedum Sexangulare
Sedum Sieboldii October Daphne
Sedum Species
Sedum Spurium John Creech
Sedum Spurium Pearly Pink
Sedum Spurium Bronze Carpet
Sedum Spurium Dragon Blood
Sedum Spurium Leningrad White
Sedum Spurium noid
Sedum Stardust
Sedum Telephium Fabarra
Sedum Ternatum Michx. Woodland Stonecrop
Sedum Tetractinum
Sedum Tri-Color
Sedum Turnatum
Sedum Vera Jamison
Sedum Weihensteplaner Gold
Sedum Wild Stonecrop
Mar 8, 2008
East TN
I can get photographs of the actual plants I would be trading if anyone is interested.

I am looking for these at the moment

N. bicalcarata
N. madagascariensis
N. ampullaria
N. rafflesiana